1. Adding the Cross-faction Auction House detail to the post, since we missed that point. (Oops!) It's straightforward. Just that you won't be able to see items that are faction-specific to the other faction (example: Battered Hilt).

  2. On behalf of the whole warmane community we thank you for all the things and ideas you come up which are way ahead of blizzard ideas , but please on behalf of the whole community we want one thing to be changed and another to be added

    1: The thing to be changed , Keep the server PvP in default with the option to opt out for pvp all the time
    2: the thing to be added , As an alliance player since i was 9 years old ,( in few days i will turn 24 ) i hated how i had to change factions mid season 2 and my whole guild too, we just need a further work on faction balance regarding racials , if you don’t want to give us the horde racials ( as the server that shall not be named did ) , Buff the alliance racials for example ( Increase The spirit bonus for humans ) , (Shadow meld can be used several times during the fight as a night elf ( to use multiple potions ) , Adjust hit raiting by Dranie from 1% up to 2 which will give alliance shamans advantage to adjust their secondary stats to compete with the haste / Damage , buffs by orcs and trolls , and the whole raid , which means we will see new theories and new best in slot setups by the glorious alliance theory crafters which is gonna be different regarding stats/ trinkets enchants gems etc from the horde ones ! I hope this reach to whomever responsible .
    And thanks in advance ,
    Sincerely Sorrow from season 1 and 2

  3. Don't forget why people will want to play this server. They want to mostly get Naxx ready asap which requires them to level up asap and get into grinding gear/proffs/consumables to get ready. Changing xp rate to x5 from x7 is wrong move, if anyone want to enjoy leveling experience they will simply go to Lordareon where there is x1 and enjoy their journey. This server is meant to be fast so please do not prolong the most enoying yet necesarry part of this even longer. On the other hand the mythic dungeons is I think great concept. People may struggle to get into guilds raiding on weekly basis. Giving them opportunity to farm gear in other way to maybe meet the requirements of the guild masters for joining is I think great way to help it. I just hope there will be multiple mythic dungeons available to clear in a week than just one, that would make no sense.

  4. "List of raiding content + Timewalking:

    3.0 Naxxramas + Eye of Eternity + Obsidian Sanctum + Tempest Keep
    3.1 Ulduar + Gruul's Lair + Serpentshrine Cavern
    3.2 Trial of the Crusader + Onyxia's Lair + Zul'Aman + Magister's Terrace
    3.3 Icecrown Citadel + Black Temple"

    I highly recommend to swap ZA+Magister's Terrace to Ulduar. Ulduar is a huge Raid with alot Bosses, it takes Hours to clear. So a big Timewalking Raid, with alot of trash, is just overwhelming. Its summer and people will feel forced to do everything and maybe just quit.
    Za was very enjoyable, most people have experience at it. Meanwhile Togc was cleared at day 1 and there is nothing to do after. Bring us a bigger Timewalkingraid, so we have something to do.

    Its a win/win Situation.

  5. what will you do to combat the vast majority going horde and creating a faction imbalance which has a detrimental effect on the server?

  6. Super excited about all the changes. Disregard the salty complainers and empty threats of "not returning" - you clearly have more data than them and you're pleasing the majority, not the vocal minority.

  7. did you change it so that everyone gets 7x xp or is that just ally?

  8. did you change it so that everyone gets 7x xp or is that just ally?
    for everyone.

    It seems "alliance bonus" is just about Honor and reputation on Season 3 (but they might add exp bonus at one point, who knows)

  9. I am wondering; after having played on loads of WOTLK Private Servers, I keep been getting put off to definitely join Warmane due to the aggro range of mobs. Has that been fixed and is it blizzlike or is it still way to large?

  10. make it Cross-faction BGs and do not pair it iwth other relms ... it is stupid ... it is ruining pvp for normal players if need to fight with hard core pvprs ...

  11. No don't change the server to PVE :(

  12. items in my inventory are also transferred?

  13. PVE SERVER?? RIP aliance, skip this season

  14. [CENTER]
    [*]Realm Mode: PvE featuring optional PvP Mode

    This is incredible. I have had an account here since like 2016, but I cant really do PVP realms. Despite it I played here a bit, but I am onboard for this. Will become my full time play location at this point.

    I never thought the staff would ever give a crap about us PVE players to any degree. I am so surprised and excited man. Hopefully the PVP toggle has some benefits for the PVP folks so they will have incentive (that doesn't really effect us PVE guys so why not?) But I am in day effin 1 for this.

    Thank you guys SO much.

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