1. where is Gruul's Lair timewalking ? We have one mont till uld season end and the grulls stille unavailable.

    3.1 Ulduar + Gruul's Lair + Serpentshrine Cavern

  2. hmm Such a random change... People already have the option to reduce their XP...Sounds really bad.

  3. Would appreciate an ETA on the next stage of frostmourne, having a very hard time keeping the guild together. Having a date for release would help w/ retention/recruitment since we can say we are on a break for "x" weeks instead of indefinitely.

  4. Just saw the update, releases on Oct. 15th, awesome!

  5. Question

    Do we gain anything from playing frostmourne, im kinda new tot his

  6. Raiding content will be tuned as it is currently tuned on the realm. We plan to consider community feedback furthermore to fine tune changes to get a more reliable and enjoyable experience of raiding.

    Can you tell us if this is real or just put into place as filler ? You see legit 0 TOGC 10/25 pugs because of the boosted content. ( this is on frostmourne ).

    Also is there something planned too get some more players active again on the server ? population is decreasing everyday.

  7. Any ideas when Tier 4 ICC content is going to be released?

  8. Haven't played since 2020 and didn't know Frostmourne was around like this..... anyone knows when we'll have a Season IV ? Don't want to start as ICC comes out because that means it's close to the end (?)

    Says here Season III started April 15 of 2022 and the seasons apparently lasts one year sooo....... will we have Season IV in April of 2023 ?

    Just want some kind of estimation so I can get the boys ready for the next one. Thank you !

  9. Most likely to be in line with all of the previous seasons, sometime in the middle of April.

  10. Hi, start of ICC and new pvp season from 5/1, but what about AP and Honors? - will they stay or will everything be deleted?
    When switching from Ulduar to ToC recently, everything stayed, but I don't know how it will be with ICC when there is a new patch :-)
    Thanks for the reply

  11. Hey all,
    is there a similar bullet point list as the Realm Features but for Icecrown, i've been searching for 2 hours on the forums, but couldnt find it.

  12. Pve

    Please keep Frostmourne a PVE rhealm for season4. I'm really enjoying playing without getting ganked everywhere i go. And Orgrimar doesn't get raided every 15 minutes.

  13. pvp world will come back?

    Please keep Frostmourne a PVE and PVP rhealm for season4. I'm not really enjoying playing without getting ganked everywhere i go. And Orgrimar doesn't get raided every 15 minutes, it's bad not having to defend the city against. We finished the weekly raid and there's nothing left to do

  14. Next season make world pvp availible, I dont enjoy when some guy with 10k hp grind everithing in front of my eyes when i can squish him with one hit, and i cant do anything, its sad. Make world pvp great again.

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