1. where is Gruul's Lair timewalking ? We have one mont till uld season end and the grulls stille unavailable.

    3.1 Ulduar + Gruul's Lair + Serpentshrine Cavern

  2. hmm Such a random change... People already have the option to reduce their XP...Sounds really bad.

  3. Would appreciate an ETA on the next stage of frostmourne, having a very hard time keeping the guild together. Having a date for release would help w/ retention/recruitment since we can say we are on a break for "x" weeks instead of indefinitely.

  4. Just saw the update, releases on Oct. 15th, awesome!

  5. 4 Weeks Ago  


    Do we gain anything from playing frostmourne, im kinda new tot his

  6. 1 Week Ago  
    Raiding content will be tuned as it is currently tuned on the realm. We plan to consider community feedback furthermore to fine tune changes to get a more reliable and enjoyable experience of raiding.

    Can you tell us if this is real or just put into place as filler ? You see legit 0 TOGC 10/25 pugs because of the boosted content. ( this is on frostmourne ).

    Also is there something planned too get some more players active again on the server ? population is decreasing everyday.

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