1. Yes, but it will be better to let us know if we will be getting S4 on the 15th of April, just like the previous years. Pretty sure that the majority of players would prefer a short and simple answer to that question, instead of hints. It's really weird that they are still ignoring the people's questions.
    Idk, that's some stalling going on, but message from Obnoxious is all we have for now:

    As announcements of that kind aren't Moderators responsibility, I don't have an answer to that, but I would expect something, since one way or another the current Season is nearing the one year mark.

  2. I agree with this. Proterean's answer in the new realm announcement thread was extremely vague. I feel we're overdue an answer on the fate of Frostmourne 4 as the community's been confused for so long over it - even if that answer is just a firm "later or not at all" (as I expect).

  3. Are we getting some rewards like coins for rank 1 with achimenet points, loremaster or smth like that for coins reward?
    can you please answer me

  4. If we don't do anything, will our characters on Frostmourne be moved to Icecrown automatically? Or is there something I have to do, in order to keep my characters?

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