1. Frostmourne - Season III

    Greetings Warmane community,

    A new season of Frostmourne awaits us all! For the third time in a row we are extremely pleased to announce that another season is just around the corner. We have learned plenty in the last two years and we have carefully considered community feedback and weighed the various factors of a healthy realm against the diverse variety of player suggestions.

    We hope you will join us on yet another adventure!

    Frostmourne Season III will start on April 15, 2022 at 16:00 server time. The first content tier will be available a few weeks later, players will be given two weeks to prepare before they can start challenging the raid content.

    The final arena season of the second year of Frostmourne will end on April 14, 2022 at 23:59 server time.

    All characters above level 10 will be able to transfer easily to Icecrown. If a character with the same name exists, you will be prompted for a rename. Upon transfer to Icecrown, in order to align with the gold squish, all gold in all containers will be halved. Additionally, we will offer a system for Season II Frostmourne players to reserve names for the new season with their already existing characters in the previous season

    Transfers are made manually from the Services tab of your My Account page. You have to select "Frostmourne - S2" in the first drop-down, which will load all characters available to be transferred on the second one. Transfers aren't instantaneous, it can take some time for the transfer to finish. There's also a cap of 3000 transfers at any one time, so if you get told we are at that limit just try a little later.

    Any players being concerned that their amount of characters will be over the limit, should not have any concerns. There are systems in place for this issue and they will be presented to the player once such an issue happens.

    • We have elected this time to make Frostmourne a PvE realm by popular demand, however those brave enough to step out and challenge others will have the chance to do so by enabling PvP Mode. By default, players will remain in Peace Mode.

    • Our plan is to continue with the Timewalking experience in the next season of Frostmourne, changing the selection of raids and reviving older content for all those who wish to partake in this adventure to the past. A list of content that will be available can be read below. The gear contained within will be Wrath of the Lich King raid items of lesser quality than what can be found in the most difficult modes of the current raid tier. The items will also possess pre-applied Burning Crusade transmog appearances. Additionally, as the event “Scepter of the Shifting Sands” has not been finished yet, we shall proceed with the progression of the event into the next season.

    • We all have the opportunity to explore this beautiful world and find its secrets however most of us are bound to the great cities. Every time a player enters a zone, they will have a chance to fulfill bonus objectives, whether it is to finish a specific quest chain or reduce the infestation of monsters in the local area or simply to get to a beautiful location that they might have missed before. We hope that this additional feature will reinvigorate the desire to explore and those who make use of this system can expect bonus rewards.

    • In the previous season with the advent of Timewalking and our extensive experience with tuning and modifying raiding content, we've been specially interested in making this a reality and finally this season we can make it come true. A Mythic dungeon is a 5 man instance with challenging difficulty with a weekly reset time designed to test the skills of our most organized and ardent players. It shall feature a weekly reset time, increased difficulty, carefully selected raid-tier rewards and it will be essentially separate from other similar content. Mythic dungeons will only be accessible by foot and will not appear in the Dungeon Finder. More details and release time of the first Mythic Dungeon shall be revealed after the first players reach maximum level.

    • Frostmourne players will be able to choose between x0.5, x1, x3, x5, and x7 experience rates.
    • Realm Mode: PvE featuring optional PvP Mode
    • Raiding content will be tuned as it is currently tuned on the realm. We plan to consider community feedback furthermore to fine tune changes to get a more reliable and enjoyable experience of raiding.
    • There will be only one raid reset, but a Timewalking optional raid instance will be available as well as a Mythic dungeon.
    • Crossrealm will be activated for battlegrounds, but various measures will be in effect to ensure that the players you find yourself against or allied with will be on equivalent standing in terms of gear.
    • Marketplace will be as last year. Once players obtain a significant amount of a specific item, it will be offered on the marketplace. As many players saw last year, this can sometimes take time as it depends on the amount of items circulating in the game. We will strive to do better with updates this year and will not rely on automatic systems.
    • Character trading and the trading system will be available as on Lordaeron.
    • Characters will be moved to Icecrown, once the season ends, assuring a fresh competitive realm each time a new season starts.
    • The season is set to last 12 months. The content will be divided in four tiers. The content of the first tier will be available a few weeks after launch. Every three months, the content will progress further.
    • Faction balance measure: Alliance receives x1.5 honor and x2 reputation points. (Yes this means x6 reputation for Alliance.)
    • Cross-faction Auction House.
    • Cross-faction Dungeon Finder

    Spoiler: Show

    List of raiding content + Timewalking:

    • 3.0 Naxxramas + Eye of Eternity + Obsidian Sanctum + Tempest Keep
    • 3.1 Ulduar + Gruul's Lair + Serpentshrine Cavern
    • 3.2 Trial of the Crusader + Onyxia's Lair + Zul'Aman + Magtheridon's Lair
    • 3.3 Icecrown Citadel + Ruby Sanctum+ Black Temple

    We are looking forward to another season of Frostmourne, we hope to see you in the game!
    Kind regards,

  2. "Frostmourne players will be able to choose between x0.5, x1, x3, and x5 experience rates."

    Why are we reducing XP rates from Season 1 and Season 2? Can we please revert this back to the baseline x7 rate that was previously offered.

    If anything quality of life changes were warranted not changes that prolong the leveling experience.

  3. " as the event “Scepter of the Shifting Sands” has not been finished yet, we shall proceed with the progression of the event into the next season. " ty warmane i love you :)

  4. will "blackrock seasonal" mode be active even for the new "Frostmourne - Season 3" ?

  5. Dont reduce the exp from 7x please or give us the option to turn it to 7x.

  6. I don't see the point in reducing exp to x5. Are you trying to punish us? Did we do something wrong ?

  7. Will Alliance still have some bonuses under the fear of "Everyone gonna play Horde" or you cancell this idea because it's PvE server now?

  8. Transfer before to icecrown for those who still want to do icc or take some time before starting s3

  9. What will happen to a guild bank when you transfer a GM toon to Icecrown? Will the inventory transfer?

  10. any update about faction balance measures? same from season 2 will be kept? anything new? or all gone?

  11. Well to be honest, this could be maybe worst idea you have came up with so far, World PvP optional? Its not like it was happening so much on previous seasons.
    I can just now imagine full geared ppl getting their stuff taken in open world and not being able to do anything about it.
    I dont support this but we will see what will happen.
    Is Loremaster/Battlemaster still getting paid 50 coins each and as season 2 with highest hks, ach points and arena rate getting coins?

  12. i really love it

    best part is next to the PVE the List of Raiding content the ToC content is very strong no with Zul'Aman and Magister's Terrace.

  13. Honestly, this is why Warmane is LIGHT YEARS ahead of blizzard in terms of content and giving the players what THEY WANT! Really, its way better than classic TBC or retail Wow, I know from experience. Well done guys! The only thing I'm a bit hesitant of is the "Peace Mode.[/center]" option thingie. Hopefully it cannot be abused somehow otherwise it could create a very disruptive environment in the open world! Also I would very much like to see a mythic raid option! Cheers everyone!

  14. why 5x? Such a random change... People already have the option to reduce their XP...Sounds really bad.

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