1. [H] < La Maxima > English-Speaking End-Game Guild

    <La Maxima> is an English-speaking guild looking for players interested in casual end-game raids and occasionally enjoy older content. We utilize a DKP system. Our current raid schedule is listed below:

    Wednesday - RS25HC x2-3
    Thursday - LOD #1
    Friday - LOD #2
    Saturday - LOD #3
    Sunday - ICC25 Dynamic
    Monday - LOD #4
    Tuesday - LOD#5 / TOGC 25 / RS25nm spams

    Raid invites start at 00:00AM SVT

    Our requirements are:
    1. At least 1 toon that is 6.2k+ (preferably with an alt that is at least 6k+)
    2. LOD & RS25NM experience
    3. Discord & DBM
    4. Link to your toon(s) armory
    5. Provide a screenshot of your UI
    6. A positive attitude

    If you are looking for a fun and friendly end-game guild, feel free to check us out in-game! You can also reach out to Gambitioss#3554 on discord if you have any questions. Thank you for your time and we look forward to playing with you!

  2. The guild is flexing right now hahaha ggz guys you made it so far i'am really happy for you

  3. Raid Schedule Update:

    Here is our updated raid schedule:

    Invites will always start at 23:30PM SVT

    Wednesday - RS25HC
    Thursday - RS25HC
    Friday - LOD #1
    Saturday - LOD #2
    Sunday - LOD#3
    Monday - TOGC SPAM (Immortality Progression + BiS Trinkets)
    Tuesday - RS25HC/ID clear

    Notes: - RS25HC can have multiple runs depending on how smooth the 1st raid is!

  4. UPDATE: As of February 1st 2023, we have merged our guild under Skyreavers with continued officership there. Raids are at 17ST and 01:00ST. If you're interested in joining, feel free to reach out!

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