1. safegaurding your MT also redirects all attacks to you, which is quite moronic if he's maintanking and you're tanking something. You effectively are taunting the boss off him at this point, and don't forget the threat reduction it hits the tank with. Might aswell have paladins cast salvation with glyph on the tank.

    Edit: Why was this 3 month old thread necro'd by some bafoon who bumped it just so he could talk **** to me?
    1. Taking 1 hit from boss will never kill you. 1 time 10% threat reduction will be instantly compensated by any threat ability.
    2. You keep confirming that you are bad and should never be taken seriously. Glyph of salvation works only when paladin casts it on himself https://wotlk.evowow.com/?item=45747

  2. I don't want to lock this necro since there seems to be a fair amount of interest in discussion on the thread, but can we keep it civil please?

  3. Another fun fact: you don't need to taunt them, you always have Shockwave ready and just casually stun ALL beasts with 1 skill, giving free 4 seconds for raid to kill them. Why you ignore such great tool?)
    yes, if you are the OT and the 2ed one to get the debuff the adds will spawn right about when the main tank taunts back to get ready for 3ed debuff, thats when u use ur charges and stuns on the adds. i pretty much try to stun all the of them on 10 man if its possible

  4. You got vigilance and you can put this on main tank --> he gets 3% less damage + your taunt will be on 0 seconds, meaning you can taunt every mob easily + you get some nice threat.
    i actually used to do that in guild icc25 runs and i was told to stop by the gm, and ofc i had the 15% threat reduction glyph

    i would personally recommend this macro where it if main tank / you lose agro it drops vigi on the target and when the target gets hit u can taunt it back

    /cast taunt
    /cast [@targettarget] Vigilance

    u might want to have a 2ed macro to cast vigi on focus target to set up vigilance as it was before

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