1. Fury Warrior DPS sharing

    This is a simple topic:
    Share your DPS/Damage done in a raid-boss fight

    No heavy-cleave to inflate/boost your dps and showcase what I call "fake dps"
    State how many hysterias/etc you get throughout the fight if any
    State if consumables were used
    State your GS if not BIS

    To see what F-warriors are pulling on each boss fight and where you measure up.

  2. Kekw.
    Rule about no cleave, while one of reasons to pick Fwarr is hus cleave potential.
    Also, why are you interested in it? You said yourself in one if previous topics, that you are always #1 DPS in any raid/composition.
    P.S. yes, you are being mocked and will continue to receive such treatment. Reason is your ego and absolute unwillingness to accept what other people say, especially when they prove you wrong on each subject you claim to be expert of

  3. https://imgur.com/a/mYgG0vV

    2ed guy was bis and had SM

    all my CDs no prepots no extrernal stuff other then a flask

    missing LK weapons and STS HC to be fully bis + no SM currently

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