1. Arena activity.

    Is server active from this point of view ?
    another question is classes, anything i should know ? Im aware skill comes with the player, not the class. All classes specs are good, preety much if played in the right hands. To a certain point of course, but everything can work in the right combination. Im not looking to aim for no. 1 but im looking to have some fun, not dead brain cells in case something i should know. You understand what i mean.

    I do like playing something that is not so played, so any thoughts here ? Class spec faction...

    PS: im an experienced player who stoped playing manny years ago.

  2. You must consider that it's really difficult to play arenas as a player on Lordaeron. I started playing as a Holy Paladin with a Destro Lock as a partner and even on 600-1000 ratings, out of 10 enemy teams at least half of them are always full wrathful PvP with Shadowmourne comps from Blackrock.

    It's quite hard to go against such high gear teams while you're geared in furious set, but it's doable.

    After c. 150 games we reached 1400 rating and decided to stop to farm some arena points to get relentless gear. It takes time and patience but its definitely doable.

    Good luck!

  3. Not sure i understand how arena works anymore on Warmane. Are teams facing teams from any other realm ? Asking cause on Lordaeron you cant get gear through donations, while a team on another realm can.

    Or what are the limitations of this system, if there is any... Where could i read how it works ?

  4. So you have 3 realms that all share same battlegrounds and arenas. Think of it like they are all in same battlegroup.

    1. Icecrown - 7x realm with not buffed raids and you can donate for any gear.

    2. Blackrock - Instant 80 bg/arena only realm where you start with relentless gear + rele weapons and buy better gear for honor from bgs + arena rating. You also get 2x arena points every week. You can also donate for gear.

    3. Lorderon the 1x hardcore realm where raids are buffed and hard. You start at level 1 and have to work for all your gear. It will take you months to get a good enough arena gear to be able to compete, as you gain around 300 arena points for 1500 rating. There are also no relentless weapons and you cant donate for any gear. Its also not very easy to find arena partner as 99.9% of Lordaeron players are into PvE.

    So if you just want to have some of your arena fun Lorderon is the worst realm of all those 3. Just go blackrock where you start instant 80 and full relentless and can instantly compete in arena.
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  5. July 7, 2022  

    Was hoping for some fun and a sentiment of fulfilment leveling my character on Lordaeron and focusing on arena after...
    Thanks for the info.

  6. July 7, 2022  

    Was hoping for some fun and a sentiment of fulfilment leveling my character on Lordaeron and focusing on arena after...
    Thanks for the info.
    You can have that for sure here. It's just harder to gear up here if you want to have the right gear for proper competitive arenas on high rating. If you just do arena for the fun you can get 3/5 wrathful gear easily and maybe get an itemlevel 251/264 weapon from ICC.

  7. Yes, you can make it here. It's just harder and takes longer and more dedication to get items overall!

  8. If you want to play PVP on Lord, gear up with patience first. As the other guy said at 1000 rating you will face full decked out SM War/Hpals. The last 4-5 sesons ended with 8 or 9 comps of this type in top 10 2on2. The current season is the same.

    Dont be disappointed if you lose too much, its normal, cross realms changed a lot of things, wont argue in either direction, just enjoy the game as it is. Good luck.

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