1. need help with macros to attack/follow

    someone has something? a huge majority of the time my character dont face the boss in the right way and dont attack, what do i do? i already have something liek this
    /assist MAIN

    but it doesnt help really, do i add a /follow MAIN?

  2. I think your question is too vague.

    What software are you using? ISBoxer? HotkeyNet? Something else? Are you using melee or casters?

    ISBoxer has automatic built in assist active window and a follow key for active window.
    HotkeyNet you need to set up macros that has assist in them. (Either set it up so each ability always assist main character, set up 1 assist key and leave assist macro out of other abilities and make sure you hit the assist key when you change target or do a more complex way to assist whatever window is active)

    To face the target you need to use Interact With Target, although it is a little messy with casters since it both face the target and cause the character to run to the target so might be better to use follow to try to get them to face the right way and maybe have a key to rotate the characters and maybe also have IWT with a key to stop moving so they start running toward the target then you stop their movement.

    But I think the question is too vague to really say what your issue really is.

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