Considering Frostmourne reset a short time ago, I wanted to know when there would be a reset in Lordaeron.

Why? you will say kind man...
Well let's get started: Based on my fascination with enjoying leveling up, and low level Wpvp, and that beautiful feeling of scarcity of resources and constant fear of being in Vega Vietnam ( Stranglethorns) and the wonderful desert of Afghanistan... if I'm talking about tanaris, that horrible place where the damn robot chicken kills you, and the constant camp,who is always present when he wants to kill caliph scorpion, or kill andre beardfire;
I have not gotten the same feeling in Frostmourne, the rates go from x1 to x7, that makes a very dirty leveling and Wpvp is not enjoyed, even if pvp mode is activated, that is understandable they will tell me, it is a PvE realm... I know... that's why this post.

Gentle brothers, when you restart Lordaeron????? (T_T)
time well a little fantasy is always good:
x1 rates are good, although I prefer x 0.5, it would be good if the mobs hit more, to the point that it is a fight to the death at all levels and with each mob, since after a certain level the damage of the mob decreases a lot or the characters hit a lot, and more after lvl 50, not to mention 70 onwards, they are piņatas of white items; raise the damage and those who were elites in vanilla should be elites again, if apparently I liked how hard my mother hit me...
well ignoring this joke that was not a joke, the consideration given in the previous point would not hurt, taking into account that in the raids they had already been buffed about 30% if I remember correctly.
From already thank you very much, I hope that at some point it will be considered and more will join the fanaticism of big thighs, big mommies and beautiful femboys...
okay that will be for another day, but a very hard and lasting kingdom is appreciated. :D
Thank you nice people, I send you a hug from a brother who is passionate about this game