1. Specific problem/ need talk with GM

    There's a group of people reporting me for ninja in dungeon, I don't know what else to do, it's the second time I've been banned for no reason, in the last ticket I asked for proof of the reason for the ban and there was none, I would like to be able to talk directly with a GM so I can understand this situation, I hope someone can help me

  2. To talk to a GM, you have to make a support ticket in game.

    About ninja looting in dungeons: you are supposed to press need only if you actually need the item as an upgrade for your current spec. If you want it for offspec, another character or any other reason, you are supposed to press greed. As long as you do that, there should be no issues.

  3. That's the question, it happened the first time, I recently left a guild because of hate players and they told me directly that they would do it, so I'm sure what's happening, I think it's unfair because I didn't give it ''need'' in some item that I didn't need, literally I just leveled up my char these days

  4. Be careful of what you need. It's clear that you needed something that you shouldn't have. Maybe you think you were in the right, but you may have been wrong. No report goes through without unedited screenshot/video evidence. Threats of reports mean nothing if you did nothing wrong, as compelling evidence is still required.

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