1. July 4, 2022  

    How to remove fizzle and annoying spell GCD sound when they're on CD.

    Hello everyone my name is Ardawulf and today I'm going to walk you through to get this annoying sound removed from the game without needing to mute the game entirely so let's begin.
    1- Download MPQ file editor from here http://www.zezula.net/en/mpq/download.html

    2- Depending on which version you downloaded either x32 or x64 open the zip folder and go to x64(or x32) and run the .exe MPQeditor.exe

    3- On the top click on open MPQ and go to your wow folder to this location; World of Warcraft 3.3.5aData.

    4- Here find common.mpq and open it.

    5- From left list go to sounds then spells and from right list find fizzle and double click to go inside the folder.

    6- Here you want to make a new folder called GCD ( the option is from top header ).

    7- After that drag these files out to your desktop and then delete the files inside the MPQ there are 5 sounds that you can see and also play with a audio player.

    8- After deleting them double click on the new folder we made and drag the files that we have on desktop to here.

    9- Now you can close the program and file you clicked on and run the game.

    Enjoy :)

  2. Thank you, it worked! Different GCD audio removal addons didn't work.

  3. Sorry, I access your download link, but there are some MPQ Editors. I'm new and I don't know I should download

  4. 2 Weeks Ago  
    I am stuck on step 5. I can enter into the folder but it will not let me add a new folder. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  5. 2 Weeks Ago  
    There are easier ways to mute sounds than trying to edit WoW MPQ files. You can create empty files at the correct sound paths under your WoW Data folder.

    More detail explained here - it lists all WotLK 3.35a client sound paths, and it even mentions all the known global cooldown fizzle sounds specifically: https://github.com/fondlez/wow-sounds

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