1. ArmorPEN for Enhancement! Experimantal :)

    Hey guys, long time Warmaner`s and new Buddys ! :)

    So, im about to do a little Experimant. Want to Build up a 2Hand Enhanc with BiS Gear and so on.
    Got a question about the ArmorPen Stats. Is it even good for and Enhancer? Does it rip like a Warr?

    Sure Crit and Hit is about to be first Stat, but after i want to go with ArmorPen.

    Does it make Sence to Stack it like Hell?? =)

    Ty Guys and have a nice Day ! Greetings.

  2. Would your build be for PVE or PVP?

    You would see some big numbers on your melee hits, but your spells won't do as much as standard enhancement that's for sure. Warriors do purely physical damage and thus ARP works perfectly for them, enhance shamans however do a mix of physical and spells and thus benefit less so.

  3. it would be for PVP :)
    Okay, ty for your comment, im gonna think about it. May let u know how it worked !

  4. You can have some fun with occasional big windfury crits using an arp heavy build. I used Cryptmaker heroic with executioner enchant, arp neck, cape, bracers, belt, boots, 1 ring, and both trinkets. Also had jewelcrafting + blacksmithing for extra arp stats. I do remember it feeling slightly inconsistent and frustrating since you have a hard time generating enough maelstrom stacks for instant heals and you have to hope the stars align for some nice windfury procs. Last thing is people will mock you so just a heads up lol.

  5. it's bad, don't do it. It's like intentionally griefing yourself/your raid.

  6. Compared to ret or Awarr a 2H Enh hits like a wet noodle.
    That playstyle worked much better back in TBC.

    If you wanna do it anyway you should use 5/5 WF and PvE offparts with ARP. Not sure if it's worth to stack ArP gems. AP gems might be better.

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