1. Miss purchase

    Hey there !

    So basically , i just bought by mistake an item from dalaran's armor seller which is a pve item that costs around 95 frosts emblem .. i didnt mean to buy this specific item and somehow i gemmed it instantly without noticing so yea i kinda made a huge mistake.

    Is it possible i can get a refund of that item? i wouldnt care about the gems i just want the frosts back and the item back so i can buy the right one it took me hella amount of time to get it , if so i'd really appreciate it and i've made a ticket as soon as this accident but unfortunately no GM replied probably to high volume of tickets. and thanks.
    Edited: August 5, 2022

  2. If you can't sell it back to vendor for a refund, no.

  3. If you can't sell it back to vendor for a refund, no.
    A GM cant help me out in this case ? already mentioned it was a mistake and its not that complicated just to retrun it back and refund the item i did a ticket the moment i realized it was a miss purchase.

  4. you could return it but since you gemmed it its not possible

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