1. Deep Wounds Mechanics


    I was wondering how its mechanic (DW) was working. Showtooltip says : "Your critical strikes cause the opponent to bleed, dealing 48% of your melee weapon's average damage over 6 sec."

    But if you pay attention, when it tics a second time (because of another crit) ; its damage are differents (which is weird because your weap damage are not suppose to increase). Does it means that it scales with ap ? Or that it is based on the damage you did with your weapon when it crits (ex : if you crit 4k, you'll do better bleeds than if you did crit for only 3k ?)

    Because if it was based on weapons, tics should always have the same numbers, no ?

  2. Deep Wounds, Ignite, Unholy Blight and Piercing Shots all behave essentially the same. You take a certain % of damage done by a specific spell or critical strike and redistribute that banked damage over a certain period of time. All of these talents can... "roll" (call it what you feel like really).

    What this means is that if say you as an unholy dk (using dk as the multiples are easier to calculate on the fly for me) cast 1 Death Coil worth 10k damage, Unholy Blight will begin to tick every second for 10 seconds each time doing 100 damage (prior to resistances). If you were to do 2 Death Coils worth 10k damage each, one after the other, the first UB tick would be worth 100 damage (prior to resists) and leave 900 more damage to be done. Then, approximately 0.5 seconds later (dk GCD is 1.5s for abilities and 1.5s - haste reduction for spells), you hit again adding another 1000 damage to the already banked 900 damage. This gets added up and now subsequent ticks will be doing 190 damage per tick (prior to resists).

    What you're likely experiencing is extra crits or somebody placing bleed debuff on target.

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