1. Admins should post BG win rates by faction

    I see some imbalanced factions in my PVP experience on the battlegrounds on the PVE server at least. The devs should post Horde/Alliance win rates for each BG so we can actually discuss this objectively. It's hard to take anecdotal experience like this and make any conclusions. But if we saw the actual win rates, we could discuss.

  2. Let's see..

    1. They make this happen.
    2. People see X faction is winning more.
    3. People migrate to X faction.
    4. X faction gets long queues.
    5. Y faction is getting stomped, wants/needs balancing.
    6. a. Forced mercenary mode for everybody.
    6. b. The rates are removed. To achieve balance will take long time to even out.

  3. Both sides have the same w/l ratio, except for AV and IoC battlegrounds where alliance dominates.
    It just depends at what time you're playing. Also keep in mind that there are multiple battlegrounds going on at the same time and if you're losing that doesn't automatically means your whole faction is.
    If we have to be honest horde owns smaller battlegrounds way more than alliance does according to my experience (4000+ random battlegrounds).
    Alliance premades are in CTA + AV/IoC que 90% of the time.

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