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    New to the server, a couple questions

    I used some of my coins making a 90, spent the weekend gearing up. Now that I'm going though Paderia content, I'm seeing a lot of broken quests. A lot of quest givers missing. Etc. I've had to abandon and redo a few quests as well.

    Is the staff working on fixes or...

    Specific question. I'm farming rares on thunder Isle tryna to get the warlock green quest piece to drop. Does that quest line even work?

    I tried to do the proving grounds thing but couldn't find the npc at white temple.

    I don't see anyone around at all, so I'm content to solo content, but it's this even gonna be worth it?

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    I've noticed the same thing for about a year; I believe most of their current efforts are on the WoLK servers.
    That's just my guess though; I haven't noticed any updates for a while.

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    Hello to answer some of your questions:

    Green Fire questline and the Pursuing the Black Harvest scenario work, some warlocks can confirm that.
    Proving Grounds has been disabled due to issues, will be open once more after those have been ironed out
    Yes, the developers are currently focused on WotLK, but some mechanic fixes are being done and ill see what can be done about the questing experience
    The population is quite low, but there are a few active guilds raiding

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    as far as I know theres only 1 or 2 people actively working on the MOP side of things. so its a bit of a slow process, but process is progress nonetheless.

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