1. Can't Finish my Exploration Achievements in Kalimdor

    Hello, sorry for my bad english in advance.

    With my character "Douanski" a Paladin Dwarf, i try to explore whole Azeroth to get the "Explorer" title.

    I explored the whole eastern kingdoms, outland and 99.99% of Kalimdor

    BUT !

    I'm stuck on last zone of Kalimdor, in thousand needles I always got a crash, I disabled all my-addons, delete all my cache, re-install the game... And nothing.

    I got a Fatal error every time when i try to approach this zone : (Screen on image host)


    In-game error : https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers...022-220603.jpg

    Game error : https://image.noelshack.com/fichiers...78-capture.png

    Can you help me with these ? Like take my character to this zone or tell me what can i do ?

    Thanks for your time.

    Ps : I really enjoy to play on this server :D

  2. In case you already haven't, stop the torrent.
    Change the installation folder's location (especially if it's still in download folder of the torrent) e.g. from C:/Program Files/Warmane to D:/USER/Files/Warmane
    Open the installation folder's properties (right click on folder) and under "General" -tab deselect the Read-only. Apply it to all subfolders when prompted.

    If these don't help, consider re-install, and force a re-check with the torrent client before doing all of the above again.

    "Character with that name already exists" just means your character isn't yet logged out from last session. Takes a minute or two.

    An old copy-paste I found:

    Right click WoW -Folder, select properties, un-check "Read-only" and Apply.

    If that doesn't work, or if the problem re-appears:

    1. Restart your PC.
    2. Close and exit torrent. Move your WoW -folder to other folder, away from Torrent's Download folder.
    3. Right click WoW -Folder, select properties, un-check "Read-only" and Apply.
    4. If you get prompt, Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files and click OK.

  3. Thanks, i will try your solution and send a feedback

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