Keep in mind that the point system is basically a gift system and we want to see players who have been exemplary community members and dedicated players to be rewarded more for their dedication as well as minimize the impact of the point system to in-game economy and incentive to purchasing items, craftables and bags from auction house and other players. There is no voting on Warmane as we're not listed on an toplists and our point system can be best described as a welfare system available for everyone.

If your account is in Good Standing (not banned within last 365 days) you will earn an extra +0.5 points. From there, based on your character with the highest amount of achievement points we award +0.3 to +0.9 points. The maximum amount of points you can get is +1.2 per 24 hours. Accounts that do not have any character with at least 1,000 achievement points are not eligible for points.

You only need 5,000 achievement points from unique achievements across all your characters on all expansions to get +0.7 which means you're earning the highest possible amount of points daily. If you happen to get banned at any point, you instantly forfeit the +0.5 bonus, meaning you need 8,000 achievement points to get 1 point per day.

You may never reach 1.2 per day during the 1 year period after receiving a ban. Upon 1 year has passed with no new bans, your Good Standing rank is restored as well the +0.5.

Achievement points > 8000 = +1
Achievement points > 7000 = +0.9
Achievement points > 6000 = +0.8
Achievement points > 5000 = +0.7
Achievement points > 4000 = +0.6
Achievement points > 3000 = +0.5
Achievement points > 2000 = +0.4
Achievement points > 1000 or 1000 = +0.3
Achievement points < 1000 = 0 total (the good standing is not factored in here, meaning you have to at least play the game to begin gaining points.

Only Weapons and Armor are available. No heroic items are available via the point shop.
The maximum item level obtainable through the point shop is now 239 for Wrath of the Lich King, this however excludes Wrathful Gladiator gear.