1. Why are there 3v3 requirements for PVP items? No one plays that on this server? Can you change it to 2v2 like Blackrock?

  2. yo, is soloq disabled on frostmourne and blackrock seasonal? we had like 20 people in que just to test it and que never popd.. it goes to 20 minutes + in que while 20 people q'ing.. what's going on?

  3. MmR

    Hi, I hope you are doing great :)

    I have a question about this mmr droping.

    What do you mean " extreme MMR dropping " ?

    If one does not drop their mmr at around 1.2k rating, they will sit in q for 30 min once they reach around 1.9k rating ( 10 games =5h of waiting to play this mode )

    I believe it is better to balance the ladder system and lower the waiting time by making this "loop" to work in everyone's favour.

    So my question is, what do you mean "extreme" ?

    I have done this "loop" for one and only purpose, to not wait 4-5h a week to just get 10 games for flush.

    To be fair to the system of mmr that was always a bit off, to lower it by 200-300 in that entire season.

    I have not done this "loop" for over 10 years, but I had the need to do it again now, due to the long duration of the "q".

    If you consider extreme as dropping it multiple times by 300+ to make it easy or whatever the reason may be. I'd personalty ban those worms.

    Since I do not want to get banned, I came here to ask you do we as the community have the right on this small amount of mmr dropping?

    Thank you very much for taking your time and reading this.

    P.S love the timewalking, and all the content you provide to everyone.

  4. In general, that sort of rule lacks exact amounts or behavior on purpose. Giving precise limits would only lead certain people to "game it" and always push as close to such threshold as possible, which isn't the point of the rule. It would also cause people to try throwing the rule back at us if they loophole around what it says, which is a hassle our Staff doesn't need. What it says really should suffice for the general player who has no intention of stretching it and, most often, if you have to ask yourself if what you want to do is extreme, it probably is.

  5. When will the store update for frostmourne?

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