1. Greetings Warmane community,

    The second content phase of the Frostmourne realm is coming to a close and the next one is unwrapping itself soon. Frostmourne is set to progress into the third stage of content on October 15, 2022 at 15:00 server time.

    There will be no downtime and the realm will smoothly progress into the next phase by unlocking the new vendors and instances and relevant content automatically.

    Last year we decided to shorten this period and this time we might do it as well depending on the percentage of the community that has achieved full clear rate in all of the content that we will offer in this content tier and naturally the level of boredom considering that the main course of the content tier is consider a highly repetitive and disliked raid content. If we will do so, we will notify you a month prior to shortening the tier. Alongside Trial of the Grand Crusader, we shall be offering two timewalking experiences, Zul'Aman and a new series of Mythic dungeons:

    • Zul'Aman
      While all of the players are busy over at Isle of Quel'Danas, the old enemies of Quel'Thalas have been brewing something. It is up to the players to stop Zul'jin and the Amani from being released from their temple city in this classic timewalking experience. It is up to the adventurers of Frostmourne to go into Zul'Aman and stop the Amani trolls from taking over one inch of land that does not belong to them.

    • With this new content tier there will be a new series of Mythic dungeons harboring amazing loot and a featuring a tough challenge for all those that undertake them.

    Frostmourne Furious Gladiator Season Rewards

    Furious Gladiator PvP season is scheduled to end on October 16, 2022 at 22:00 server time. Arena points will be wiped, whilst honor points will remain. Relentless Gladiator season will start immediately.

    Players will not be eligible for rewards IF: (team itself will remain intact as part of a rank slot)

    • Personal rating is not within 150 of the Team Rating.
    • You do not have at least 70% of the team's games played.
    • Bans for extreme cases of MMR dropping.
    • Removal of the team from the ladder and disbanding of the aforementioned team, thus meaning disqualification of receiving any seasonal rewards in case of extreme MMR dropping.

    We would also like to remind the players that MMR dropping (especially below default rating) or any other form of abuse can lead to disbanding of the team. We will exempt this while done to restart team with a new partner(s) but extreme cases can still lead to team disbanding.

    In order to promote activity in the 3v3 bracket and due to naturally low rating teams occupying top ten slots, players will only qualify for Gladiator titles if they're above 2 000 rating.

    Suspicious activity, win trading and exploiting will result in account suspension and in extreme cases account termination.

    Rewards can be found below:
    Spoiler: Show

    Season 2v2 Rewards

    Season 2v2 Rewards

    Rank 1 to Rank 3

    • Gladiator title

    Top 0.5 % of players

    • Duelist title

    Top 3 % players

    • Rival title

    Top 10 % players

    • Challenger title

    Season 3v3 Rewards

    Rank 1

    • Furious Gladiator title
    • Magic Rooster for each team member
    • 150 coins per qualifying member

    Rank 2 to Rank 5

    • Gladiator title
    • 50 coins per qualifying member

    Top 3% of players

    • Duelist title

    Top 10% of players

    • Rival title

    Solo Queue

    Rank 1

    • Deadly Gladiator

    Rank 1 of class

    • Supreme title

    Top 1% of 30% of total players that have Solo Queue rating higher than 1600

    • Gladiator

    Top 10% of 30% of total players that have Solo Queue rating higher than 1600

    • Warbringer title

    Top 30% of total players that have Solo Queue rating higher than 1600

    • Plainsrunner title

  2. so ok it starts October 16, then why all pvp wendors are gone now ? How to spend my arena points untill that date? Or i just basically wasted my time colecting them?

  3. So basicly last 2v2 games are fruitless since we cant spend our arena points ??

  4. Please bring back s6 arena vendors until s6 end

  5. Will Zul'Aman be 10-man as original? And what item-level gear will drop?

  6. What is the point of deleting vendors so early? Until the end of the season, many people wanted to buy a complete set of the sixth season for one more point accrual.
    I hope they come back before the end of the season. Please provide feedback on this question.

  7. Season 6 vendors were disabled by mistake, they returned from their break last evening.

  8. What About AQ 40 Event? Will it happen this year?

  9. Is there any intention to release Magtheridon's Lair as a timewalking raid?

  10. I'd love to have detailled informations about Zul Aman. Will it be 10m or 25m loot, are timeruns a thing, what about Onyxia/Magtheridon?

  11. Regarding ZA timewalking:

    Is it 10m only? Can it be done in both NM and HC? What loot table does it have?

  12. Last year, if you made the timer you get 25m trinkets drop from last boss. Otherwise it's TOC10 hc loot that drops. and yes it's 10 man.

  13. `Alongside Trial of the Grand Crusader, we shall be offering two timewalking experiences, Zul'Aman and a new series of Mythic dungeons:`
    ^That sounds a bit Misleading - it sounds as if you planned 2 Timewalking "something" as addition to ZA and new Mythic dungeons.
    Are you planning to release some Timewalking with Onyxia loot?

    btw people - ZA is only 10 man, in TBC each raid had only one dificulty which is most often 25 man, with exception of Karazhan and ZulAman that are 10 man. Warmane boosts difficulty of raids to level 80, but fiddling with Boss mechanics to fit different amunt of people is Another story that they never did.

  14. Hey im new to this server, when Toc items will br available to buy on trade for coin?

  15. AP wasn't wiped with s7 start. can you please fix this? Some people farmed AP and will have unfair advantage

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