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    New to Wow, new to Warmane

    Hello everyone!

    So, from the title you probably understand that I never played WoW before. And I know the concept of game play because I watched a ton of videos on YouTube but I think that it will be great if some of experienced players would advice me on some basic knowledge.

    So my question is what class or classes will be easiest for me to start playing. My general understanding is that probably I should start from some Dps class, cause my opinion is healing and tanking a bit harder to do without any knowledge.

    So any advice would be appreciated!

    With great pleasure, Nameless Mebius.

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    Retribution Paladin is usually recommended for beginners because it has very simple spell rotation, healing abilites so it's very forgiving when you make a mistake and decent all around damage.

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    Thank you very, I will try retribution paladin.

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    So quick p.s. I tried retpala, and played like 10 levels so far, and i Don khow is this class for so maybe there is an alternative choice, so I can make comparison?

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    I would start as shadow priest / demonology warlock / fire mage. First two options have always a spot in any raid, especially shadow priest for healing and demo lock for solid aoe spell power

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    Hii i would recommend you the hunter or warlock, they have a pet and they are fun!

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