1. Suspension details (?) help

    My account have been suspended for ninja looting, why is that, I don't even need gear from RDF. Is there any way to know what exactly I ninjaed?, I'd like to know please. I don't just want eat my suspension for no reason. Anyway, this info could be useful by anyone falling in the same hole.

    "Your account has been suspended for 4 days 16 hours due to Ninja looting in dungeon"

    My characters are Enclosed (Icecrown), Traicionera and Puerca (Frostmourne), check out the armory and you'll see I don't need nothing from RDF, just EOF/EOT


    Time for a break I guess...

  2. they don't give out details for bans. you needed something that wasn't for your spec/wasn't an improvmeent in a dungeon, and were reported for doing so. the gm reading the report seen sufficient evidence to ban you.

  3. You rolled NEED on your Puerca character on an item that wasn't meant for you.

  4. That might have been a mistake, I'd be more thoughtful while rolling next time. My apologies.

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