1. HotKeyNet and AOE Spells

    i'm trying hkn and i dont understand how to use aoe on toons, could somebody help me ?

    Latest HKN and jamba addon are used.

    Thx in advance.

  2. You can do it with a click maccro wich broadcast your right mouse click to your slaves and activate the aoe spell. All toons use the same Aoe spell and clickmouse the same mouse position on your screen. if you use similar view on all your toons they will somewhat lauch the spell around the same place. it's not very precise but will do the job.

  3. Mouse Broadcast + Camera View

    Add mouse broadcast to your HKN-Config.
    Maybe something like:
    <UseKeyAsModifier g>
    <Hotkey g LButton, MButton, RButton>
    <SendLabel w1, w2, w3, w4, w5>
    <ClickMouse %TriggerMainKey%>

    And combine your AOE Macros with a set camera view so your WOW instances have the same camera view.
    Maybe something like

    /Script SetView(4)
    /cast Mass Dispel

  4. Thanks to both of you.
    I found a second way to do it :
    /cast [@player]
    Thanks for your help !

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