1. Stolen account

    Hello. I want to ask you about my guildmate's stolen account. Realm Icecrown, character name is Okroshka, guild <T h u n d e r>. Few days ago her account was stolen by unknown person.
    https://postimg.cc/rD7SDDn3 - it is a screenshot of this character. As u can see, she got "Elite" title, so it is not a fake, u can check logs. That girl from Ukraine is my goodfriend and she is so much frustrated of this situation and me too. And most of our "Elite" title players too. We love this game and this server. So I am as Guild Master asking you to help bring her account back. I know, that u can do it. And the truth will prevail. Thank you.

    ps sorry for my bad eng and our guild asking you to help, it is very important for us...
    Please help

  2. Here is a quote from first thing you should have read

    Methods to retrieve your account:
    - Visit the Retrieve Page to acquire your username, password or remove two factor authentication.
    - Open a General Inquirity ticket (premium accounts only) or send an e-mail to [email protected] if you are having trouble accessing your account, you may be asked verification questions prior to any action being taken.

  3. She sent email a week ago and have no answer
    And please dont be so bureaucratic

  4. She sent email a week ago and have no answer
    And please dont be so bureaucratic
    Ask her to send another email. It's possible the previous one got overlooked, overburied or something else. There's nothing else to do.

    While at it, ask her to change the password, enable 2FA, not to use the same login credentials, and to be aware of phishing attempts in the future.

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