1. Can I move one of my characters to a different account?

    Hi! I don't know if this is the right place to ask this, but here it goes.

    About a year ago I have created my first account and character on Warmane Icecrown, a Night Elf priest. I leveled it up to 80 (4k gs), got bored, and stopped playing. Two weeks ago I got hyped for WoW again, so I installed it again and created a Human rogue (5k gs), which is my main now - on the same account.

    Here is my problem: I have a best friend in real life with whom I play WoW, and I would like to give him my priest to play him in dungeons and gear him up (he likes playing priests). And it would also be useful to sometimes play him in dungeons together with my rogue, not multibox, but to perhaps give my rogue to my friend and me to go on the priest.

    I saw that there are services to buy with coins or points, but it's mostly race and name change, etc. Is there a way to separate two characters from my one account?


  2. No, you'd have to put the priest up for sale and your friend would have to buy it, but that will cost $$$

  3. It won't take him long to level a priest to 80, solo or with the help of a friend.
    4K GS won't take too long either. Do some rep quests while in Northrend and your friend should have gear to do HC's in a heartbeat.

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