1. my characters

    in realm selection it does show me that i have charactes but when i choose realms it does not show me my characters
    (i havent been playing the game like 2-3 years )i want to start playing again and i want my characters what can we do about it ?

  2. If you played on Frostmourne:

    - Frostmourne S3 [April 15, 2022 - ongoing] There's no reason your character to be gone. It was most likely manually deleted via in-game by a person that has an access to the account.
    - Frostmourne S2 [April 15, 2021 - April 14, 2022]: Go to https://www.warmane.com/account/services, select Frostmourne S2 as realm and begin character transfer to Icecrown.
    - Frostmourne S1 [April 15, 2020 - April 14, 2021]: Transfers from Frostmourne S1 to Icecrown are closed.

    If characters are gone from other realms, and you haven't played in a while:

    If they were below level 30, they were most likely deleted on inactivity cleanup. No restoration available.
    If they were above level 30, and you don't have characters listed when you login, the chances are they were deleted by somebody who had access to your account. Either this was a "friend" or some random whom found out your login info.
    There's a chance you may be able to recover ONE character for free via https://www.warmane.com/account/services by selecting realm -> Currency: Free -> Character Restoration. Further Character Restorations will require Coins. This is only if character was deleted very recently (by a player).
    Characters from decommissioned realms can no longer be transferred. Exception being Frostmourne Season II, as mentioned above.

    More info about cleanups: Inactivity Cleanup and Gold Squish for a healthier economy

    IIRC the numbers are pulled from your game files. Most likely the files are still on the PC, while not on Warmane anymore.

  3. My characters were two in lordaeron and 1 in ice crown

  4. My characters were two in lordaeron and 1 in ice crown
    You sure it's the right account?

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