1. Lost my main character

    Trying to figure out why all my character were put up for sale no one took my account I did not put them up for sale but my main character was sold for nothing I did not get anything for the time I spent on him and I did spend a lot of time on him. I am also premium and I have heard there is some level of support for level 80 characters. http://armory.warmane.com/character/...ecrown/summary

  2. If you didn't do it, somebody else did. If somebody else did, and you have no clue who, you got some serious privacy concerns. Scan your entire PC.
    Are you sure you never shared the account, or its credentials, with anybody or other services?

    Also, if a character was sold, and you don't have coins from it, you can see your gifting history via https://www.warmane.com/account/history, as no character can be sold without obtaining coins.

    Change your account's PW, email PW, might as well change registered email.
    You could try to see if disabling 2FA, and then immediately enabling it again, changes the 2FA registration code to a new one.

  3. Well that sucks

    Looks like 2 people on frostmourne got the coins and they sold my character to themselves for min price and all my gold sweet I think they added a authenticator that is how they got in with out my password

  4. It is not possible to enable 2FA without having account credentials, since it can be done only in account page. So they've either brutforced your account or you have malware - scan PC for keyloggers and similar things, change emails security, change all attached passwords.

  5. Molten/Warmane had a data breach in 2015 so if you didn't change your password for 7 years chances are they broke in that way.

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