1. why is my account blocked, I want an explanation?

  2. Error ip ban

    Same, all of my accounts have been unfairly ip banned for botnetworking.

  3. Make a ban appeal or send an email, what else can you do? It's not gona fix itself.

  4. I also wrote to their e-mail, I even wrote them a ticket and I am waiting for an answer, but when there will be one is unknown...

  5. Same with me, I got banned literally out of the blue and its been 9 hours since i sent an appeal.. Don't understand what is going on right now

  6. Hello brothers. My account is back to normal. I don't need to send any ticket to contest something. I just try login now and its all ok. Apparently. Lets see if somenthing gonna happen again. Good luck, brothers. It's not good lost the account when you spend soo much time to stay with good toon. It's my second account, the last i had is in Molten WoW, so... If this happens again, goodbay Warmane. I never want to see you again.

  7. Banned for no reason

    i have the same problem i have never botted and i got a botnetwork ban how do i fix this? i havent been online in over a week and i get banned for no reason? wtf
    Edited: November 30, 2022

  8. I have the same problem. Never used a bot wtf?

  9. Same reason for a ban here, help.

  10. I got the same message too i have been inactive for a while and active for last 3 days idk whats the correct Reason , raised a ticket Hope it gets solved soon

  11. Me too, I was banned yesterday and at noon they removed the ban, however today I log in in the morning and I'm banned again for no reason, I don't understand :(

  12. Ip blocked

    Same problem, sent a request to unlock, the admin unlocked and the next day the same problem appeared again, but now I can no longer send a ticket.

  13. I am not sure if they lifted the ban or the ban was for specific IP mentioned , my IP was dynamic so it changes today i got a new IP and i can play , Does it mean They have lifted the Ban or the ban exist for that particular IP ? i have mentioned that in new ticket i created

  14. "If you find your account banned, start by accepting that there was a reason" when there is so many people banned for no reason, it doesnt make much sense :D

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