1. Locked account


    My account is locked. I tried to log in on web and i read this:
    Your IP Address (92.53.**,**) has been suspended for due to BotNetwork.
    My network is home network and 100% i don't do anything suspicios. If you need my ip address pm me to send it to you.
    Please fix this.


  2. Daily BotNet ban

    I am getting banned daily now due to BotNet, I can resolve it by logging in to my warmane account on the website, but it's a bit annoying having to do it every time. What is the reason for this please?

    Thank you.

  3. Locked account

    Hi Warmane admin staff,
    I keep getting locked out of my account, now almost every other day,
    most of the time when I log on the Warmane website here it says that
    the lock out is because my IP address has been a part of a botnet
    Attack, I have contacted a ingame moderator and the response I got was
    that I should change my IP address, but I do not have the ability or
    freedom to do that with my ISP. I can't keep getting locked out every
    time, is there a way to fix this issue? Also today's lock out did not
    display any kind of a reason as to why I got locked out, and currently
    have been trying for 30 min to unlock it but just keep getting the
    message "Your account has been locked, but it can be unlocked".

  4. Acc IP bot ban

    So i got this msg today i couldnt log in for some time . Anyone know why this happends ?

  5. Blocked Account

    Hello everyone, I haven't connected for 3 days and today when I opened the game I got a message saying that my IP had been blocked for no reason. Now I can't connect again. Any idea what it could be and how to recover my account?

  6. Why my account is locked?

    Why my account is locked? Too much herbs i buy in auction for inscription to make armor vellum 3. Or problem with that, i am playing in linux with wine? Its no different from windows in that case. I dont understand why i am locked? :/

  7. Hello, my account is restricted to log in

    Hello, my account is restricted to log in, please help me unlock it, thank you

  8. IP ban for bot network ?

    Hello i dont even understand my ban, can you explain ? i dont know what botnet is but it's not the first time i get problem on your server... i need more information about these bug. thanks for help, or maybe should i leave ?

  9. hmm i thnk your argument is incorrect..

  10. It happened to me as well, it was a month ago and I still can't log in until now. Sometime I miss my char, but no one can help. it's a sad life.

  11. Bann

    Hey guys can u tell me how can i got ip banned while im just regist before 5 min ?

  12. If it refers to BotNetwork, please relog on the website.

    If there's some other reason, Help! I have been hacked/banned for no reason!.

  13. help?My account is blocked for 5 days?

    I think it's because I took a piece of equipment that shouldn't belong to me?Equipments to increase endurance and defense are also available for PVP hunters?So as to meet the dissatisfaction of teammates?And reported me?I apologize for my selfishness?I hope GM can unseal my account?I will thank you very much?

  14. From what you say you really did ninja something, so you will have to wait the five days.

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