1. I'm "Banned" "Account locked but can be unlocked".

    I was playing on this server as usual.

    But a few days ago I changed realmlist to play on another server.

    When I tried to set up the Warmane realm list, I couldn't log in with the quoted: "Account locked but can be unlocked".

    Also i can't appeal because "The selected ban appeal is not valid".

  2. you probably used a free vpn which landed you on a ban, write an email to warmane support and explain them your situation
    and yes, stop posting your ip address, you've literally just doxxed yourself

  3. Your IP Address has been suspended for due to BotNetwork

    Hey there, I just came back from a long time and I log in my account through your site but it shows I'm suspended?

    I don't understand what is botnetwork, and how am I suspended after long quit of the game

    Can someone solve this issue please. thanks

  4. "Your IP Address ( has been suspended for due to BotNetwork"

    Hello my account is ban for botnetwork wish i didn't commmit at all.
    Can you please fix this issue.?


  5. I'm unable to login and play after months of been abscent

    "This account has been locked but can be unlocked"

    Before I stopped playing here, I didn't have this issue, at the same time, I enabled two factor authentication.
    Now, I'm back, and I want to play, I am successfully logging in into Warmane website (this ticket is prove) but I keep getting the same message in game.

    I tried closing, opening up again Wow client, as well as logging in into Warmane, none didn't work.

    Why does Warmane has to "lock" players?

  6. I've had the same problem, honestly making a new account seemed like the easier way to go.
    but let me know if u find out how to fix it haha.

  7. My acc has been blocked/ban ip.

    Hello there, how i can be unbanned? I make a few years ago account and now it's IP banned. Can someone unban?

  8. unlocked account

    Hi boss
    my account is locked.
    how can i unlock it?
    can u do this for me plz ?

  9. Why is my ip adress locked if i just registered and didnt do anything

    My ip adress got suspended for botnetwork or whatever and i didnt even do anything lol i literally just registered and wanted to play and log in but i wasnt able to play cuz its saying that my ip adress is locked

  10. Helpppppppp

    My account has been locked!!!!!!!

  11. Account locked

    Hello, when I try to access my account in the game client, I get that I'm banned by BotNetwork, any solution? I haven't done anything wrong.

  12. i need help

    my account is locked who i unlocked this ?
    i want to play this game

  13. Any account I try to log in says its locked

    Any account I try to log in says its locked, tried account from friend and mine 2 account still cant join.

    I even type some random username and password and it say its locked it can be unlocked.

    I think its the game not accounts and i tried to download game again.

    Any help?

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