1. My accounts are also banned. "Your IP Address (84.181.xx.xx) has been suspended for due to BotNetwork "

    I suspect that it is not just a single IP address that is banned, but a larger IP area that can affect many innocent players.

  2. I guess so they have banned a range of IP and if we get any of it we get ban again , i had to call ISP and reset my IP again . Hope this issue gets solved

  3. This account has been locked but can be unlocked

    Please unlock my account, I don't know why it got locked in the first place. I've done nothing wrong nor violated any rules.

  4. same problem, playing as usual, and now have that response

  5. maybe it's because I played from different locations, then how to cancel the lock? two-factor authentication helped

  6. I am facing same issue, my account is blocked since last night.

  7. same here what we have to do???
    If you can't see/read number 1 pinned thread in forum section that covers it (https://forum.warmane.com/showthread.php?t=346180) - you have no options left.

  8. Botnetwork banned?

    Hi why is our IP address banned for BOTNETWORK we are just enjoying the game and no external software use other than the wow application we dont even know the bot thing thanks I cant appeal in my account because of IP banned I just want to play again

  9. Same happened to me.

    I'm a new player, only been on the server for approx 1 week so far, and then this happened to me as well. Never been involved with any kind of botting, and always follow community rules. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth to have this happen just as I reached lvl 80 and was ready to start the gear grind. If it doesnt get resolved I will look for another server to go to instead.

  10. banned for no reason

    Hi, everybody !
    My accounts are also banned. "Your IP Address (xx.xxx.xx.xx) has been suspended for due to BotNetwork " yesterday ((
    Im never used the bot, please unban my account

  11. lo mismo

    The same thing happened to me, yesterday I only played to put the auctions

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