1. I dont know why i get banned

    I got literally ban for BotNetwork after not playing for like 2 weeks
    pls someone help

  2. Account locked

    Hello warmane team.My account is locked. It say like this Your IP Address ( has been suspended for due to BotNetwork
    Idk why realy.I didnt log for 3-4 days.My account and accuant from my brother,Both locked.I mean he stop play wow,before 3 years i think.So i use his account to.Bcs i have my holy pala there.Can anyone explain why account are locked ? Other accound are senad1992

  3. Relog to website.

    Remove account name(s) from your post.

  4. My account is banned for Dual Bot Network


    please help me my acc is banned for dual bot network. I don't know what that's mean. I have one account on your server Lordaeron with 6 characters and thats it. If u unbann me i can log in talk to some gm in game or something and prove that i'm not a bot. Real person here.

    Hope to solve my problem weekend started and just wanted to play and relax.

  5. Account locked

    Account locked for bot activity or similar, i'm sure i havent performed. I even know how to bot o do these kind of stuffs, and i just traveled 7 hours for arrive to a friend house for a nice nerd weekend and i found my account locked, help!

    Could you please check and unlock my account?

    Thank you.

  6. Banned for botting, while i was not botting at all

    This day at 22:20 or so my internet went down and i reseted my router and my account got suspended for botting?
    Could you look into that please?

    Thank you very much

  7. My account has been blocked but there is no bans

    Good afternoon.

    I tried to open a ticket but it indicates there is no bans to select so I am going to try to contact with you in the forum

    I am travelling and when I installed warmane client in my laptop (I usually play in other computer) I can not log in game but I can on the website, and only reason is "This account has been blocked but can be unlocked". I already use two step verification but did not work either.

    I believe there is no reason for ban, so I need some information about this.

    Thank you for your help.

  8. Locked due to Bot Network

    Hi! I've never botted and wouldn't know the first thing about it. Yet my account just got locked because of "BotNetwork".
    Anyone else experienced this?
    Edited: March 25, 2023

  9. Your IP Address ( has been terminated due to Advertising

    Your IP Address ( has been terminated due to Advertising

  10. Don't post your ip address. Doesn't matter if it's static or dynamic...

  11. I'm "Banned" "Account locked but can be unlocked".

    I was playing on this server as usual.

    But a few days ago I changed realmlist to play on another server.

    When I tried to set up the Warmane realm list, I couldn't log in with the quoted: "Account locked but can be unlocked".

    Also i can't appeal because "The selected ban appeal is not valid".

  12. you probably used a free vpn which landed you on a ban, write an email to warmane support and explain them your situation
    and yes, stop posting your ip address, you've literally just doxxed yourself

  13. Your IP Address has been suspended for due to BotNetwork

    Hey there, I just came back from a long time and I log in my account through your site but it shows I'm suspended?

    I don't understand what is botnetwork, and how am I suspended after long quit of the game

    Can someone solve this issue please. thanks

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