1. This account has been locked but can be unlocked

    I did not understand what happened

  2. my account locked

    why my account locked and i cant log in?

  3. locked but can be unlocked

    sometimes i switch to hotspot because it works really well and its faster because there is a cell phone tower about a mile from my home, anyway sometimes i use wifi for hotspot.. and id get this message from time to time about account being locked and can be unlocked due to the IP change differences but now i cant get in, i dont know if any GM reads this but please unlock the account

  4. IP Address suspended due to BotNetwork

    this is happening alot to me recently. im not using any bots obviously, just enjoying the game (10year+ old account in good standing)
    i know its a simple fix just logging in on the website but its annoying when its happening every 2nd day.
    anyone knows why actually?

  5. Security. Too many bots on the server.

  6. ok thanks. i thought mayb the reason is that im not loging out properly sometimes lol (just afk and closing the game via windows)

  7. BotNetwork Ban

    Hello there! I just wanted to say that I'M NOT A BOT, so please stop blocking my account every single day. Like I just wanna play the game and you guys block me for no reason at all, I mean I can understand back then when I enter the game like, 1 time per year, but now that I been playing every day the last months? Lol. Please, do not block my account, every time you do that, I loste my energy to continue playing in your private server.

    Thanks and have a nice day :D

  8. help?I see that my IP is blocked

    Hi ^&,When I try to log into my account on the website warmane.com, I see that my IP is blocked. To be honest, I am a Chinese player and I need to use a VPN to play. That's why my IP is always changing. I hope you can help me to unblock my account. Thanks in advance. Dear Sir.

  9. my IP is blocked

    Hello ^&,While i tried to log in my account on the website warmane.com, i see my IP is blocked.To be honest, i am a chinese player, i need to use VPN to play.This is the reason my IP is always change.Hope you can help me to unblock my account.Thanks in advance. BR

  10. account blocking

    my account is blocked from one day to the other. please for some reason i can't log in even though it won't let me with another old account with a different email address

  11. Your IP Address has been suspended for due to BotNetwork

    Hello Warmane staff,

    I couldn't logg into my other Account after playing wotlk classic the past few months, kept trying to log in, it just won't work, I can't even reset the password because it just won't send a link to the account.
    So I decided to log in on this account and got hit with me msg Your IP Address has been suspended for due to BotNetwork.

    Which I dont rly understand because all I did was play blackrock like once every few weeks, besides that I didn't touch the game in ages

    So is there any reason why this account seems to be like "Ip banned" and my other one i can't even login with

    I never botted ofc all I did was 2s on blackrock xd

    pl0z help

  12. ''This account has been locked but can be unlocked''


    When I'm trying to log in on my account, I have this message ''This account has been locked but can be unlocked''
    I have not logged in 2 months ago, please some GM could help me, thanks!!

  13. Account suspended EVERYDAY

    Hi guys.
    Everyday I try to play, I'm forced to log in here first since my account is suspended "due to BotNetwork". I don't know what this exactly means, but is very annoying.
    Is there anything that I can do to prevent this?
    Thank you!

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