1. Haven't Been Able to Login to Icecrown

    Hello everybody,

    As the title suggests I have not been able to login to Icecrown the past couple of weeks whilst having no problem with every other server whatsoever I was wondering if anyone else is facing the same issue or is there a way to fix this, Thank you all in advance.

  2. Any new words on this?

    I still have not been able to do so, someone please respond I just want to play the game lol.

  3. Icecrown is Clearly Not Down

    As I'm observing from the website people are obviously logged into Icecrown, so what do I do? How do I fix this?

  4. Hello???

    Is anyone there? please someone give me a respond what's going on... lol??????

  5. The most likely reason is that your ISP/country has blocked the server.

  6. I do not really see a reason

    The most likely reason is that your ISP/country has blocked the server.
    I mean why such thing would happen with only one server, I am still facing the same issue have not been able to play the game since that day.

  7. it's something about iran ip location somehow :/... i have the same issue. i can enter other realms and it works like charm, BUT not ICC.
    and i'm in Iran just like you khosi ;D
    well, i used PSIPHON VPN to see if icc server blocked from isp. after VPN, STILL cannot enter icc, but i'm STILL able to enter other realms...

    idk whats wrong and how it is wrong...
    isn't there any block ip locations for iran people applied to WARMANE? just a question :|

  8. So no solutions?

    Anything that could help with the log in ?

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