1. My chars are gone


    All my chars from my acc are gone and I cant restore them cus they say they never existed, but they did

    - Castellari (80 belf warlock)
    -Cxntspat (80 undead mage)
    -Barcellos (75 belf paladin)
    -JadaPinkets (79 orc warrior)
    -Notstraight (40 dwarf warrior)

  2. Are you sure you are looking at the correct realm in the character selection screen?

  3. And if you were playing Frostmourne, you need to transfer them manually

  4. Yes, all my chars from all servers are gone, none left, I've checked it

  5. No, I was playing on icecrown that's were my guild friends are ''Take it easy ape'', my chars cant be gone cus they show it on armory so they gotta be there somewhere

  6. What comes to mind, make sure you are logging the right account.

  7. I only have two acc, and they're not in any of them

  8. Maybe one of your guild friends sold your chars to himself, check character trade history. That's the only thing that makes sense if it's the right account.

  9. I came onto the same issue. I logged on and my account was completely empty, but selecting Icecrown server would suggest I had 10 characters.

    What seemed to have happened was that I got hacked recently in december, and the attacker listed the characters for sale on the website.

    OP try navigating on the warmane website My account -> Trade -> click Buy menu -> Change to sell -> Characters I'm trading

    You might find your lost characters there, good luck.

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