1. Hi, I'm having the same problem, but I don't play from differents IP :/
    Lemme know if u solve it!

    Have a nice day!

  2. same here

    same here, cant log in, one of the admins told me the problem is from my side, yet from my side everything is according to the servers standard.
    same problem happened to my friend that was playing just the day before and on the next day he got the same ban.
    anyone got any idea? please help out here.

  3. Your account is locked but can be unlocked.. ! please guide me !

    hello all admins / moderator !

    i have been on this server since molten !
    recently this issue i have been facing ,whenever i log into account , it says your account is locked but can be unlocked.. !

    i m so sick of this , sometimes website shows the IP address , sometimes dont ! ..
    and sometimes it automatically logs in ..
    this frustates me alot..

    i tried to findsolutions online , but none of them worked for me !


  4. Help Please. Says account locked but can be unlocked when trying to login client


    I opened the game today, and on trying to sign in, got a pop up saying " account has been locked, but can be unlocked. "

    May I please know the reason why? and please help in getting this fixed. Was playing as usual yesterday and had no issues then.

  5. Block account

    i can`t log on cause i got block and i can play dude

  6. Help.acc locked

    your account is locked but can be unlocked

  7. Log out and log back in on website. I suggested that to a friend and it happened to work. Idk if it's the actual solution or just lucky.

  8. Account locked

    Tried logging into my account but I got this message
    "This account has been locked but can be unlocked"
    please help :D

    Have a good day!

  9. I got the same message, loggin in the account page, it said that I am part of a botnet.
    what is that? it disappeared after 5 minutes and I can log in.

    I downloaded some addon packs listed on this forum, could it contain some virus?


  10. Lordaeron: account closed / botnetwork

    I don't use a vpn and I reset the router but to no avail.
    Logging in and out on the site or waiting several minutes does not always solve the problem.

    I play on other servers, and Warmane is the only one who gives this boredom and it's a shame, because it seems to be a good server.

    This conflict is probably caused by a system implemented on the server to make it more secure.

  11. This account has been locked.

    I and my friend playing together wow in warmane on our personal computers. Our internet are limited and reached out it's limit so we connected to my mobile network. So, it can be seems "botting" or something. But in server records i'm pretty sure that can be understandable. Now we are connected our main internet because it's refreshed. My friend's warmane nickname is "Rosalva6931" and my nickname is "portakal1207" We want to unlock our accounts and continue to playing warmane.

  12. Account locked - no response from Warmane

    Good day people of Warmane,

    when I try to log in the game, a message pops up that claims my account is locked but can be unlocked.
    I followed the procedure that the server offers and some one from the server did return to me and said my account is unblocked and i can play.
    as i try to log in, the same message repeats. I have no idea why is that, I am not using Wi-Fi and I don't change my IP nor do I use VPN as the staff claims I am.
    each day i see people post about this yet i see no positive response from the staff, moreover! I see posts being deleted.
    are they being deleted because they got solved? if so please help me out.
    we even did an experiment and opened new account that worked fine and after few days it was locked as well.
    guys please help out.


  13. Says account was locked unsure why is this fraud?

    Hey guys

    I just tried to login to Warmane and it said my account was locked and it can be unlocked

    No emails sent to me about this, no new activity nothing however I am unable to login to my account

    Kinda confused, also spent quite a bit on coins so this is starting to look a bit like fraud, im rather confused

    Should I contact my bank and inform them about this, any advice is appreciated thank you

  14. Bot Networking

    My account was suspended for no reason, it says for BotNetworking but i dont what that is.

    Last time i logged into the game was on 2022 around August and a few weeks ago i logged in to the warmane page just to check if my account still active but i didn't do more than that.

    I hope i can get my account back, i spent a lot of time on my characters.

    Ive never broke any rule in the game, im just a casual player and BotNetwoking doesn't make any sense to me.

    If you have any question, let me know!

    Thanks in advance.

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