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    Calculating my GCD on ele shaman?

    My understanding is that haste rating lowers the GCD. Is this also the case with effects that increase cast speed by a % (Wrath of Air totem, Elemental Mastery, Troll Berserking, Blood Lust)?

    If I want to know what my GCD is with my current set of gear/buffs, will it be the same as the cast time of a spell that is base 1.5seconds? So I can just look at at my cast time of Lesser Healing Wave to see what my current GCD is? And if my LHW's cast time shows a number less than 1 second, that means my GCD is exactly 1.0 seconds?

  2. 2 Weeks Ago  
    if you use Omnicc addons, it shows the gdc on your spells with text(numbers).
    example: https://i.imgur.com/g7C8p00.png

    btw yes, the spells you have mentioned reduce GCD as well.
    example: with 0 haste my gcd is default 1,5 -> by using Elemental mastery it shows 1,3 gdc (with the addon I have mentioned)

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