1. Highest apm class?

    Hi! I wanna know which is the highest apm class in wotlk, i played combat rogue, mm hunter, ret, fwar(not so geared) and some frost dk. I wanna know what class feels the most spammy during a raid or a dungeon (i forgot to tell u that im interested in pve content). I was told that feral is up there but i don t like the switching forms and that stuff and it seems to me that u have to manage ur energy kinda the same rogue does so not that appealing for me. So what are your suggestions? I just want a class that s button smashing and good for raids. Thank you!

  2. Frost dk and enhance shaman are pretty much at the top.
    Both specs aren't really manditory for raids since their buffs get replaced by a dk tank tho.

    Warrior and Ret are more of a blind faceroll button spam with the exception of slam procs/devinestorm resets.
    (Not gonna mention support and debuffs blabla)

    Feral is like a more difficult rogue but i wouldn't say it has a insane apm.
    I did have alot of fun playing it back in the day.
    It's very rewarding when you're constantly improving your gameplay.

    I'm personally a fan of Shadowpriest or Aff lock.
    They have a fun rotation and a decent apm imo.

    If you really want brainless buttonsmash i'd say roll warrior.
    The only thing they have to do is.
    1. Do damage.
    2. Do sunders and a shout.
    3. Not die.

    If you actually want to use your brain a bit more i'd say go for Fdk/Enh>Feral

  3. I will try again with the warrior to see how it goes, cuz last time i didn t played at raid difficulty, just spammed some heroics and that was it. Thank you very much for your response!!

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