1. Lordaeron: PvP to PvE

    The Lordaeron realm is advertised as a 1x rates, PvE-focus (or heavy focus) realm with challenging raid content. If that's the case, why is the realm default state of PvP flags to be on when going into Contested territory? This makes questing, resource gathering and progression more difficult when there's max-level or higher-level-than-you players just camping quest areas and lower level contested zones to kill the people just trying to level up.

    I humbly suggest the realm be set to PvE so that new players on both factions are not being harassed by the people who have been playing longer.

  2. The very first one...

    "Do not post suggestions that include the following

    • A new realm - We will not be creating new realms at this time. This includes PvE realms, more realms to reduce the amount of queues, or new realms to support new or old expansion packs. This rule also pertains to suggestions to changing existing realm statuses (such as changing them to PvE type or their rates)."

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