1. Vanilla-TBC-WoTLK Progressive Realm

    Greetings Warmane community,

    Many of you have been wondering about the news about our next Frostmourne season or what is next in store for Warmane in the future. Well, there is no need to wonder any further, as our next project is already taking shape and has been for some time in the background.

    We would like to make a short but concise announcement that the next project, we will be taking on as a community, is a progressive realm that spans three expansions, starting at the very beginning, a forefront unexplored for Warmane, Vanilla.

    Unfortunately, we cannot post specifics and further details for now, other than that we plan to post a thread in near future containing significantly more details, including the release date, possible Beta testing periods and such.

    We hope you take this next challenge on with us and we hope to you see you battling Ragnaros, sneaking into Black Temple and eventually coming back to the pinnacle of Arthas's story.

    Kind regards,

  2. This is a realm unrelated to Frostmourne, details and information about what we will do with Frostmourne may come at a later date. With its seasonal model, we feel quite free to experiment and we might offer a shorter new season but with differences in gameplay. Stay tuned!

    (hardcore Frostmourne?)

  3. Does this mean the current season will stay in play until this is released?

  4. Posting in legendary thread.

    Experiencing Vanilla, TBC, and LK progression WITHOUT layers/sharding of retail is going to be epic for world pvp!

  5. Does it mean that this "season" is going to be atleast 3 years long? Or it's going to be shortened out because that's a really long time for progressive

  6. Holy moly its time to do /spit on horde at arathi basin guys lezgooo vanilla hype vanilla hype

  7. dang, Actual original 2016 Lordaeron feelings

  8. Interesting, finally something that isn't just WotLK :P
    I wonder if it will be on the 3.3.5 client tho, like Lordaeron back in 2016. More QOL and playable specs etc.

  9. vanilla hype vanilla hype erbab band 4ever

  10. Sounds great. Hope its not a april fools play...

  11. Will this be x1 [i hope so]
    and im assuming its going to be a project spanning years?

  12. Will this be x1 [i hope so]
    and im assuming its going to be a project spanning years?
    I hope the hell not. I hope they keep the same x7 model and keep the raid tiers to 3-4 months. Just increase drop chances and drop slots from each of the bosses so that people can actually gear up for the next tier without no lifing the game and rage quitting when they don't get the singular drop of an item.

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