1. Frostmourne Season III ending

    Greetings Warmane community,

    Frostmourne Season III will come to an end on April 30, 2023, the realm will be decommissioned and put on hold while we re-focus most of our development work on our newest realm, the progressive Vanilla-TBC-WoTLK realm, with an official beta possibly coming this summer.

    We know that many of you have liked Frostmourne and that will miss its presence, but we believe that we have been coming to an end of ideas that can be implemented in Frostmourne, without changing the realm's philosophy too much, and while we are planning to decommission the realm for now, we still have plans for it in the future, especially after our progressive adventure is finished.

    Be on a lookout for information and keep in mind that in many ways our progressive realm matches the spirit and the idea of Frostmourne, but will come under a different new name, we hope to see you there! More information regarding our new progressive realm is pending and will be posted, once we have the opportunity to do so.

    Kind regards,

  2. So we can continue to play on frost until April 29th? Is the migration to Ice possible only after that or will there be a possibility to migrate sooner?

  3. Pretty original way to saying "no FM this year boys lmao rip". Still thank you for letting us know. I will miss Frostmourne.

  4. No, I think you got me here LOL. This year there was no April's fool prank on website, and you decided to catch up and do it now!

  5. This makes no sense. You can't think of new things to add to the realm so you decided to remove it? Why? Why not leave it as is? In the PTE realm you said "This is a realm unrelated to Frostmourne, details and information about what we will do with Frostmourne may come at a later date. With its seasonal model, we feel quite free to experiment and we might offer a shorter new season but with differences in gameplay."

    What a slap in the face to the community.

  6. since early march FM has been dead, no disrespecting towards anyone but honestly we should be able to start transferring to Icecrown already...

  7. since early march FM has been dead, no disrespecting towards anyone but honestly we should be able to start transferring to Icecrown already...
    I don't personally feel that frost is dead, I play daily, we do battlegrounds, wintergrasp, dungeons, all works and is fun, just some times of the day there is a bit under 1k users, usually there is 1k people playing, I understand that some people want to join icecrown sooner but saying that it's dead for soo long isn't really the case in my opinion.

  8. Why would you stop Frostmourne, just give us the server with 7xp rate from naxx to icc/rs 1 year with only timewalking(tbc/vanilla raids) no mythic(bcs that kinda sucks) and we will be happy, pls dont let us down guys, that hurts me.

  9. Who cares about bringing in new stuff, just Reset it and keep it same as S3, no work to be done, you can still focus on progressive realm and we can enjoy our Frostmourne S4 while some wait, many dont care for Vanilla to Wotlk, and will stop playing forsure, why not just let us have fm4 exactly the same as fm3

  10. Is this an out of season April fools joke? So disappointed.

  11. Copypaste Frostmourne III and just give us that. Please!
    It's the best season out of all 3 anyway.

  12. for those interested, warmane made a community poll on their discord, under #frostmourne-announcements, asking ppl if they would like a FM S4 or not

  13. was really looking forward to fm s4...

  14. I'd be down to have season 4 be a copy paste from season 3 if there's no more ideas in the tank. New features over the seasons have been mostly fine but not really the reason why people keep coming back to frostmourne.
    Doesn't really make sense to me to erase a top 2 realm from what warmane offers while maintaining others that barely scrap together 1000 players at peak hours.

  15. I hope the new servers comes out soon. I was really looking forward to FM4 :/ I’m excited to try the new progressive style

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