1. Is this legal?

    Hello guys, just wondering.. is this "legal"?
    i've seen a lot of this.. multibox? boting? i dont know the name...



  2. Yes it is "legal" to control a maximum of 5 multiboxers in open world.
    Many years ago there was some big once controlling up to 65 characters.
    This Picture was from 7-8 years ago here on Warmane and this guy only had 30 or 35 here in this picture.
    Edited: April 23, 2023

  3. Totally legal. Although you have to be able to skip the queue in all accounts or needless to say it is pointless.
    Blizzard has the same policy. If you are able to pay for each account subscription then you can multibox all you want.

  4. May 5, 2023  
    thanks guys! didnt know about multibox? o just read about it

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