1. May 8, 2023  

    Can i transmog shaman mail items if i'm hunter?

    I've seen some people saying you can only transmog items you can equip, and i was wondering if i could transmog other class items like for example:

    I'm hunter, can i tmog this ones from shaman:


    edit: i play in lordaeron, just in case it matters
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  2. May 8, 2023  
    No. You can transmog only items you can equip.
    I'm not aware if the set have recolor (same model / look alike), but the relentless shoulder is the exact same model like the one from wintergrasp (with marks).
    I advice you to start using some sort of morpher, there you can do whatever you want with your character and gear appearance..except if you're not doing all this for the others^

  3. May 8, 2023  
    No you cannot transmog Shaman class binded items to Hunter but there are other "lookalike" items or items with same models like the post above me just stated, There's the orange T3 gear from old vanilla Naxxaramas that is the only Tier gear that has no class restriction, so if you want the same model but different color you can get the Shaman T3 for your Hunter https://www.wowhead.com/classic/item...tter-headpiece allthough it's unobtainable in game since old naxxramas dosent exist anymore but you can buy the items for a few coins.

    Myself I went for the T6 Shaman lookalike on my Hunter.

    Edited: May 8, 2023

  4. Im 100% sure ive seen a Death Knight with T3 Warrior transmog! - Is this impossible?

  5. Im 100% sure ive seen a Death Knight with T3 Warrior transmog! - Is this impossible?
    As above it's must be a non class restricted item that use the same model

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