1. (H) <Team Quest> a casual chill PVE guild looking for new members!


    We are <Team Quest>

    A casual and social PVE guild with a mission to progress and have a blast while doing so! We emerged from the remnants of a disbanded guild, and now we've created a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for people to relax, hang out, and play together. Our guild boasts a diverse mix of players, including newbies, casual gamers, and seasoned veterans who excel at the game.

    We understand that real-life responsibilities sometimes take precedence, so we've adopted a laid-back approach. Our primary focus is to enjoy the game and avoid any negativity or toxicity. As a non-hardcore guild, we seek like-minded individuals who want a stress-free environment to play and grow with us.

    While we aspire to progress, our top priority is providing a stress-free environment. Currently, we are actively recruiting more members to support our 25-man runs. Our goal is to maintain regular 25-man runs alongside our 10-man dynamics and gearing events

    Our current raiding schedule includes:

    Tue/Fri: 16/18 ST Training/gearing run.
    Saturdays: 18 ST Dynamic/Progression run.

    If you're intrigued by what we offer, feel free to reach out to us on Discord (Discord ID: draggosh92) or in-game (IGN: Draggoh).
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  2. hey im newish to the realm but im not to the game im a vanilla player on retail and classic i have a lvl80 dk and lock im looking for a guild to call home im like raiding/dungeons and having a laugh IGN wompastomper

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    Bump! Still recruiting members to help fill in our 25 man roster!

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