1. (H) <Team Quest> a casual chill PVE guild looking for new members!


    We are <Team Quest>

    A social/pve guild that likes to keep a chill and friendly atmosphere. Our guild has diverse mix of players that include veterans, casuals and newbies. We’re not a hardcore guild and we do hope to progress eventually at our own pace without any pressure, but we want to do so while having fun.

    We’re still recruiting like minded people to help fill in our roster, we ask that if you plan to join our guild to please follow our Guild/Raid rules.

    Our current raiding schedule includes:

    Tue/Fri: ICC10 18 ST Training/gearing

    Thurs: RS25 18.30ST NM

    Saturdays: ICC25 18 ST

    Feel free to reach out to us on Discord (Discord ID: draggosh92) or in-game (IGN: Draggoh).
    Edited: November 28, 2023

  2. hey im newish to the realm but im not to the game im a vanilla player on retail and classic i have a lvl80 dk and lock im looking for a guild to call home im like raiding/dungeons and having a laugh IGN wompastomper

  3. Bump! Still recruiting members to help fill in our 25 man roster!

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