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    hello from the UK.

    my experience of your sever is not a good one, whilst leveling to 80, ive been farmed by players as skulls, because i cant see thier level. In my eyes, once is enough, twice is .... but over and over to a point that it restricts gameplay is far more than any server should allow(but its ok because its a pvp server right? beacause u can.. right?). PVP is meant to be a competition, something you can have fun with and laugh about, but ive experienced simple minded freaks like cavemen ug ug, i mean its very skill full to do this to a new player.

    trying to get gear is hard enough, and when your in teams where others have hairlooms and are needing on everything, and when you question it they say oh.. its poor for everyone, stfu noob etc, and you end up with nothing, and they end up with a bag full of "poor" stuff that they cant use.

    gaming is meant to be entertainment and this server is housing some most worthless morons i have ever encountered which inhibits that. if you rely on contributions then surely it would be in your interest to clean up a little. i mean no disrespect to the server owners, i do see a lot red writing helping ppl see the error in thier ways, but seriously im sorry but i wouldnt donate to a server that can give this type of experience.

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    I agree but it is what it is.
    "if you rely on contributions then surely it would be in your interest to clean up a little."
    "im sorry but i wouldnt donate to a server that can give this type of experience."

    Warmane survived for over 13 years without your $10 also they're not forcing you or any other player to donate
    If you want to play here then simply adapt it's no different in other servers as well. Free things are usually like that - quantity over quality
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    Warmane survived for over 13 years without your $10
    based on your comment i have decided against giving. im sure theyre glad theyve got you securing future donations.

    Free things are usually like that
    they are if chaos is allowed to reign yes, but a well organized free thing, shows very different.

    but its like this on every server you say?
    then what makes your server different to any other server? ...... tumbleweed

    theres a balance to pvp(entertainment), your happiness vs opposition happiness
    you kill get happy - opposition get sad
    what you think happens when you get very happy? but if balanced well, all can be happy.

    the power to change that beings whole world is in your hands... and yet... UG UG ME SMASH .. BECAUSE I CAN !
    now, dont get me wrong here, im not saying evey encounter was this way, i have seen decency in the enemy and to those souls i say continue your path. those situations are golden, where the surrounding area almost instantly becomes a kind of... no mans land and both share and enjoy the company because we understand the game.

    look... all im trying to do is find a server where i can socialize with decent beings, relax, (maybe donate), get stuff and enjoy time whilst waiting for the reaper, and you see? these are the kind of responses im getting, things arnt looking good.
    it says on the character page about a mature community, so i gave it a whirl... is it all an illusion? i guess time will tell.

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    That's why I am always waiting for fresh start of the server. You always get ganked but on fresh start you at least can try to defend yourself. It was the same on official classic wotlk. I started way too late and I was getting ganked all the time so there is no point really. I as Op said I don't mind nice pvp but if you see someone 15 lvl below you there is no point to fight unless you are ******

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    I always said to my teammates
    "It's better to buy at least HC trinkets than spending that money on drinks at a bar."

    If you are playing a shadow priest for example, the best thing you can do is to buy

    HC Royal, HC Scale, HC Lich and if you are willing to play pvp, definitely buy WF shoulders.

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