1. Account terminated for RMT

    Hello, I'm just writing about my account where I got a perman ban for RMT but as I searched the internet. RMT. but I only bought Goldy from One Guy,, but I don't think its problem because in Global chat everybody sells coins and golds :D so idk what to do know ,, i just want to create ticket on that account but cant. but Perma ban for this is insane from my point of view.

  2. Why is it insane? You bought gold from guy, so you've broke rules of server.
    Messages in chat that you see are related to Warmane Trade, where people buy and sells characters and gold/coins.
    So your account termination is totally valid.

  3. welp atleast he's an honest one, lmao

  4. Persivaln

    Sure mate,, but perma baned for something like that ??... i just spoke about every 2st person selling boosts,golds,coins. and i saw them doing this Long time

  5. And as he said, those are people advertising things that are being sold through Trade, for in-game gold or Coins, not real money. If they aren't, you're free to report them and they will get banned.

    RMTs are punished with termination of the involved accounts, yes.

  6. So there is no possibility to get the account back ?? I just didn't know this and I bought it from the page, but the site represents itself as if it had something from Warman. so I thought the payment was wrong and then I read the rules and I immediately found out that it was against the rules

  7. You are supposed to read the rules before you start playing in the server.

    Also that site seems to sell in-game currency for every game imaginable, I find it hard to believe that you thought it was legit.

  8. When you look at the page, it looks like a collaboration from Warman. when you go to the Help Center on that page, they don't have anything about this there, and I wrote from a person, and he said that I should write to the Warman email that I will get an unban.

    When I told him that I had emailed and also on the forum, he said, "We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience you have encountered. We recommend that you file a complaint with an official. Since we have listed on the website and emails, we are not responsible for the title We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you.

  9. What did you expect? For them to have in bright red "YOU WILL GET BANNED IF YOU USE YOUR MONEY WITH US"?

    If you already sent an email, wait for a reply. Either they will say no or unban you and take any and all gold in your account away.
    If you already got a reply and it said you won't get unbanned, that's it.

  10. Thanks guys. Hope i get some answer from warmane

  11. its impressive how warmane manage all these complaints, im raging just by reading these morons sentences, jesus fkn christ

  12. I was hit with the same ban and all coins and items were deleted from my account.
    Don't bother, my friend. I think we made the same mistake, which is buying currencies from unknown sources

  13. So do yourself a favor and don't read it and don't express yourself if it annoys you. Ez

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