1. Unh DK PvP Trinkets

    Hello. I'd like to ask yall about BiS trinkets for unh pvp. Some people play with 2x DV/DC, some play with DV/DC HC + STS HC.

    From my understanding STR is the superior stat for unh because it gives additional parry rating and synergises with Fallen Crusader, but on paper, if my math is correct, STS HC gives more ap anyway + the arp, as useless as it is, still is an additional stat. So isn't is just a debate of more dmg vs more parry rating?

    Please enlighten me because i can't decide what's the more optimal route here.

    Also, i'd like to ask the same question about Frost DK PvP, because of the 20% strenght CD, is the math there more in favour of DV/DC NM, or the STS HC still gives more dmg?

    Ty in advance.

  2. yes DC/dv all the way, cz its about the str gains with dk, the str that dc/dv gives added to total str u have, which scales with talents like endless winter, ravenous dead, and fallen crusader procs. and that str shadowmourne proc is the cherry on top of it.
    parry bonus gained from str is not the main focus, except u're speced to aids hybrid dk with spell deflection talent.
    same thing with frost.

    sts is superior if u're deep blood spec cz it scales with the talent. but that doesnt mean sts on uh is bad.
    Edited: September 18, 2023

  3. Imo 2xDV/DC is better since outside the procs you have more passive AP and not ArmP. You also have more parry and the pet gets more dmg.

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