1. autentication code

    Hi... i can't log in because it asks for an autentication code... this is the first time it happens... i never ser any autentication code. please help.

  2. https://www.warmane.com/account/retrieve

    If you didn't set up 2FA, somebody else did. Let that sink in. Re-secure your account and enable 2FA yourself.

  3. 2 Weeks Ago  

    I can't log in to the game.

    Hello, I can't log in, a message appears:
    "Authenticator code
    Enter the generated digital code"

    However, I did not receive any code in my email. When logging into the website, I was also asked for an authentication code, which this time went to the email, I was able to log in to the website, but using this code I was unable to log into the game, an error message returned: "The information you have entered is not valid." I looked for this problem on the forum, and found a suggestion to disable "in-game protection" in the "security" tab on the site, but there is no such option. What should I do to be able to log in to the game?

  4. 2 Weeks Ago  

    Cant enter the game (authentication code)

    Can't enter the game

    I restored this forum account by typing authentication code that i received in my email, but when i type the same authentication code in game, nothing works, says that the information is wrong, just can't enter the game.

  5. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Same problem here, i used 1 code to connect, didn't work, they sent another 1 min after, i connected on the website, but i can't connect into the game, it says code unvalide, what the hell ? says i have changed my location, but no lol.

  6. 2 Weeks Ago  
    Same for me.
    I got kicked out from playing because i switched from LAN connection to smartphone connection, and i tried to log in back again. It asked me for the auth code, so after i verified 3 times my ip and have successfully entered my account on this site, i still can't log in-game. After i put the auth code in-game during the login procedure, it says that "The information you have entered is not valid." I entered the same auth code i used to log in the account on browser.

  7. 2 Weeks Ago  

  8. 2 Weeks Ago  

  9. 2 Weeks Ago  
    The same problem here, I didn't receive any email to authenticate, and in fact I didn't even request the activation of this function....

  10. 2 Weeks Ago  
    I cannot log in the game either I did receive a code for logging into the website but using the same code to login the game does not work, also it states Email Two Factor Authentication is active please remove it as I cannot disable it on my end.

  11. 2 Weeks Ago  
    lot of people in lordaeron's global talk about this.... wtf

  12. 2 Weeks Ago  
    After trying to login various times now I'm in.

  13. 2 Weeks Ago  

  14. 2 Weeks Ago  
    I'm so glad this forced authenticator bull**** change is working so well...
    Nothing about this unnecessary crap works whatsoever.

    Oh well I guess I can't play on any of my accounts then...
    See you next summer!

  15. 2 Weeks Ago  

    what a train wreck (2fa)

    unable to log in to 5 accounts...3 of them i donated on. gmail has deleted these email addresses for inactivity. they no longer exist. they cannot be recovered.

    several hundred hours of game time right into the toilet.

    guess my accounts will be very safe and secure since it is now literally impossible to log in

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